Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories


"HOBY gave me a community of peers who constantly inspire me. My seminar taught me the importance of leading in service of others, and how to embody true servant leadership. I’m grateful for the community of leaders that I’ve joined through HOBY."
Apu Mutyala
HOBY 2018

Something that stood out to me during my seminar would be the immediate connection and sense of community among the ambassadors.

HOBY has taught me that oftentimes the greatest impact you can make on the world doesn’t have to be your impact alone. Rather, it’s the beautiful acts of service and humility we do together that most effectively benefits our global community. That’s what it all comes down to – it’s our community. Maybe by stepping out of our own little spotlight, just for a while, can we truly see what’s on the global stage around us.

Becoming a part of HOBY Delaware 2020 was quite a unique
experience to say the least. It was my first time dipping back into the HOBY
society since my own seminar back in 2009! Times have certainly changed in 11
years. The fact that this was all virtualized this year made it feel a bit daunting.
Once our volunteer training started, I felt at ease and even more motivated to
contribute. Seeing how much HOBY DE has evolved since my seminar was fascinating.
The HOBY energy and welcoming presence was still all there. I made many new
friends and I hope to get the opportunity to meet them next year! I had moved to
Georgia a year after my seminar in 2009 so I was not able to volunteer for HOBY
DE at the time. My intention was to travel to Dover this year to participate
but instead I was able to remain home. Virtualizing this year’s seminar made it
even more accessible for me and I am grateful that HOBY was able to arrange
this during these tough times. We still have our HOBY spirit and I am looking
forward to participating next year!