Program Costs

Program Costs


The cost for schools to send each student to attend the 2023 Leadership Seminar is $325. Additionally, any community nominations are $395. There is no cost for registering an alternate student. For more details on registering a student, click here

The registration fee covers all of the student’s expenses throughout the weekend, including housing and meal costs. We encourage students to bring additional money to use at vending machines or at our HOBY Store! 


HOBY Delaware is committed to providing our outstanding program to as many students as possible, which means providing scholarship opportunities to students and schools that need financial assistance. HOBY Delaware offers five Diversity Scholarships and is able to provide additional scholarships based on need.  Schools and students seeking financial assistance should contact us for more information. 



At HOBY, we strive to build and support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment that is
representative of our communities. In order to welcome diverse students to our programs and to remove barriers to participation, we are currently offering seminar scholarships for students who are racially, ethnically, or culturally diverse.

The students who attend our seminars are part of the most diverse generation in our nation’s
history. In fact, new Census data shows that people of color now make up the majority of the
population under 18 years old. So, in order to provide a truly inclusive experience, we need to take steps to ensure HOBY ambassadors are broadly representative of their generation.

These scholarships are meant to remove barriers to attendance for students from diverse
communities and to encourage schools to seek out and send students from a wide range of
backgrounds and experiences.

Contact us for more information and to determine eligibility!