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Register Now!


Registration for the 2023 Seminar season opens on October 1, 2022. At this time, schools can register their students using the online Registration Kit.

Students not selected by their school to attend HOBY can still attend using the Community Nomination process; see more information below. 

Schools can register using the online Registration Kit. Each school should have received an email from HOBY containing a School ID and Password that you will use to log in and register your students. If you did not receive your information, please contact us so we can provide your login information. 

After you select your student representatives, you will provide each student with a registration packet which you will use to register them online. Once a student is registered, the registration fee can be paid at any point prior to the seminar. More instructions are included in the Registration Kit. 

Prior to the seminar, students will receive more information from HOBY Delaware regarding additional registration steps. Students will submit these “Pre-Seminar Materials” to complete their registration.  

Students can be registered as several different registration types: primary, additional, transfer, and alternate.

Primary/Additional: A primary student is simply the school’s first student that they register. Any students registered after that are considered additional students. Both primary and additional students will attend the seminar and are required to pay the regular registration fee. There are no logistical differences between primary and additional students.

Transfer: If a student in Delaware cannot attend the dates of the Delaware Leadership Seminar, they can attend a seminar in a nearby state or region. In this case, this student will be marked as a transfer student. Transfer students are automatically charged a $395 registration fee. 

Alternate: Schools are encouraged to register an alternate student. Alternate students only attend the seminar if a primary/additional student can no longer attend and backs out. In this case, the registration fee from the primary/additional student will be transferred over to cover the alternate student. Registration fees are nonrefundable, so we encourage all schools to register an alternate student in case one of the primary/additional students can no longer attend. 

Each school is allowed to register up to five students. In the past, most schools have registered one or two students. However, we hope to reach more students than ever before this year, so we encourage schools to register more students! If your schools wants to register more than five students, let us know! We’re happy to make special accommodations in order to help more students in their leadership journey! 

Schools are welcome to select to whichever students they want to represent their school at HOBY. However, we want to provide some helpful tips and information to guide schools in the process. 

HOBY looks for students with great leadership potential; sometimes, these students aren’t always  the ones already holding leadership positions, but could show potential in other ways! Of course, students already holding leadership positions also make great HOBY ambassadors, too! We’re looking for motivated students who want to make a difference in their community, so anyone that fits that description will be outstanding! 

Students benefit most from HOBY when they want to be there. For this reason, we discourage selecting students simply because of class rankings or student government positions. Instead, look for students that want to grow from an experience like HOBY. 

To select students, schools use a variety of difference selections processes. Here are some suggestions below:

  • Send out an application for all interested students to complete, and task a selection committee with choosing among those applicants.
  • Hold an essay contest for students to communicate more details about their leadership journey. 
  • Conduct in-person interviews with students to connect and evaluate whether HOBY would be a good fit. 
  • Ask teachers and staff to nominate students they believe would benefit from the HOBY experience.

For more information on program costs, click here!


Community Nomination is an outreach program that allows people to register through HOBY’s website instead of being nominated by a student’s school. Every year, the HOBY Registration Team hears from countless students, parents, and HOBY partner organizations who want to register students for the Seminar but encounter obstacles. For instance, a high school may not participate in HOBY or a new school counselor is unaware of/unwilling to participate in the program. This also ensures as many students as possible are able to have the life-changing HOBY experience.