HOBY Delaware’s Impact

HOBY Delaware’s Impact

HOBY Delaware was first started in 1977 with one of the country’s first State Leadership Seminars. With the help of the Delaware State Federation of Women’s Clubs, a service organization that continues to offer invaluable support to our programs, HOBY Delaware began making a difference in the lives of high school students. Since then, our network of volunteers has grown to include service organizations, political leaders, business professionals, and many other people looking to make a different in The First State.

Our annual Leadership Seminar has grown tremendously since our humble beginnings. In 2019, we were proud to welcome 78 ambassadors to our unique program, and each year, we look to expand our reach to more and more students. 

In addition to our annual seminar, we’ve had success in several Community Leadership Workshops (CLeW) around the state, and our alumni efforts continue to grow. 

Here’s what leaders in the Delaware communinty are saying about HOBY:

“Working with HOBY youth are a highlight for me!

As an Administrator of Volunteers,  I work with many outstanding community members. HOBY youth bring with them energy, enthusiasm, and a sense or fearless encouragement to try new things, to step outside their comfort zone in an effort to improve their community and themselves.

 There is no doubt in my mind that when I work with HOBY youth I am working with future leaders.  To be able to interact with them is a joy. I know our world is in good hands.

THANK YOU for your good work and bringing these young people together to encourage their journey and belief in themselves as answers to the problems, as leaders who will make a difference.”

“HOBY was one of the most important opportunities I had as a Delaware high-school student. It connects talented students from across our state and brings them together to form lifelong friendships and a deeper confidence in their ability to improve their communities and our entire state.”

“At a time when our state and country cry for commitment, involvement, and volunteerism, HOBY Delaware and HOBY National continue to work with young people demonstrating a passion for both academics and leadership. 

I have been involved with Delaware HOBY since the early 1990s. Over that time span, I have seen student delegates to HOBY go through the program – and often return as upper classmen, college students, and adults. 

An intense weekend of thought-provoking discussion and activities, HOBY concentrates young minds and souls on the central themes of our times.  Corporate America, and indeed, the United States, need young adults who can think outside the box.

I cannot think of another organization which transforms young people – and gives substance to their ideals – over the course of a long weekend, and then sustains that impulse far beyond.  Indeed, these young minds have stimulated my thinking about life and the world. My only wish:  That I had had the opportunity – in high school – to have attended a HOBY seminar. “

Allan was a long-time HOBY Seminar Speaker who passed away in 2020. 

“I just wanted to say that in my 5 years HOBY Delaware has been a great organization for helping our high school kids.  It helps to elevate their thoughts and intensify their willingness to learn what is out there in the world today.

I feel that speakers that come into their lives make an everlasting impact on them and their lives.  It also puts pride into people like myself watching their growth and maturity.”

“Becoming an effective leader is a journey. As our roles, responsibilities and the world around us changes, we must continue to have an awareness of the impact our decisions have on others. The Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Foundation leadership development program provides the opportunity for future leaders of families, communities, businesses and nations to begin their journey with an awareness of the fundamental skills needed to cultivate the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and compromise that is required of a successful leader. It was an honor to be asked to return as an alumni speaker for a HOBY event. The youthful optimism and excitement the HOBY Ambassadors exude is contagious, and refuels the spirit of those of us much further along in our leadership journey.” 

Kitty is a HOBY alumnus with an impressive background. In addition to her current role at AVYST, she is a Co-Founder and Network Partner at TEAL Concepts and was previously the CEO of NetVu. 


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